Qigong for Better Health – Opening the 3 Dan Tiens

Here is the practice opening the 3 Dan Tiens.  At the start of the Healing Sounds associated with each of the 5 major organs, I explained that in Traditional Chinese Medicine each organ has a sound with which it is associated, with which the organ resonates.

Similarly,  the 3 Dan Tiens also known as the “Seas of Energy,” each has a sound which resonates with that particular energetic center. The sound/vibration enhances the flow of Qi and revitalizes each of the Dan Tiens.

The sound for the Upper Dan Tien is “OMMM,” for the middle Dan Tien it is “HAAA,” and for the Lower Dan Tien it is “HA-REEM.” Chris demonstrates that you may approach each Dan Tien and it’s accompanying sound individually. Or  you may prefer to experience it as one intake of breath, descending form Upper to Lower with a slow exhalation and the associated sound.

This practice will leave you feeling calm and confident.

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