Qigong for Better Health – Triple Burner Healing Sound

Here is the Triple Burner Healing Sound, which is the final Healing Sound in our repertoire.

In Chinese metaphysics, the components of the universe are described as Heaven, Earth, and Man. In the human body, these components are seen as three Dan Tiens, or energy centers corresponding to the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person’s being.

These vital energy centers are located along the midline of the body. The Upper Dan Tien relates to our spiritual being. It comprises, roughly, the upper and posterior portions of the skull. The Middle Dan Tien relates to our mental/emotional state and is associated with the heart center and the middle of the chest. The Lower Dan Tien relates to the physical aspects of our being and is located about an inch below the navel in the center of the body.

The sound for the Triple Burner Healing Sound is “ZZZZ.” Chris demonstrates the way in which you begin with your hands in from of the Upper Dan Tien, and as your hands descend to the Middle Dan Tien and, then, the Lower Dan Tien, the Healing Sound drops/lowers in tone.

Do this practice to clear any blocks from your body and life.

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