Qigong for Better Health – Pulling Out Past Pain Meditation

Here’s is Pulling Out Past Pain Meditation.

This session begins by reviewing the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) belief that emotions (both negative and positive) are associated with certain of the 5 Major Organs (Heart, Spleen, Lung, Kidney, and Liver). For example, the negative emotions of anger, hostility, hatred can affect the Liver. The various meditative and moving exercises done so far have emphasized restoration of Qi Balance to these individual organs and channels of the body. However, we can also have negative emotions get stuck in various parts of our bodies. Usually we are not conscious of where or how we store these negative emotions/past trauma in our body.

This Meditation will show you where you store pain of the past, the present, and anticipated future pain.
Mindfulness and centeredness are always important, but especially so with the Pulling Out Past Pain Meditation. Repetition of this practice should bring greater and greater clarity and benefit. As you release your pain, it makes way for clear, light, and refreshed body, mind and spirit.

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