Qigong for Holiday Stress

Sometimes, if we want to have a happy holiday, we need to create it for ourselves!

For this week, we are going a step further than wishing you a very happy holiday season. We are actually going to help guide you have one!!

For many of us, there are plenty of things that can easily get in the way of joy during this time of year… especially when it comes to nagging family dynamics or even the feelings of loss and loneliness that seem to be so easily stirred up when the holidays come around.

For those of you facing drama, anxiety, or grief during this festive time of year, we have just the thing…

We have prepared a special holiday video for you full of some of our favorite and most effective ways to release negative emotions, stress and tension, so you can overcome your “problems” and be on your way to having a jolly old time!

We’ll start by helping you take a load off with one of our most beneficial exercises that you can do just about anywhere (as long as you excuse yourself from the dinner table!)

Join us as we shake off any tension, strain, and stress you may be carrying from holiday gatherings filled with inappropriate comments, poorly-timed political discussions, passive aggressive in-laws or that one relative that always has too much spiked cider!

But, we’re not done yet. Now that you’ve freed up the body, we will help you get “it” all out of your heart center, where deep emotions may be getting stuck, especially those related to loneliness, abandonment and lack of joy.

Let’s free up those energies by practicing our dry cry and healing Heart sound. After regathering, reconnecting and re-grounding ourselves, we will share our favorite holiday essential oil stress relief.

And, as the sparkling icing on this holiday treat, Parisa will guide you through a powerful Silva Method visualization practice that will transform your “problems” into “projects,” bringing victory and triumph over the obstacles and stressors in your path as you allow a deep relaxation to fill all of the cells and tissues of the body.

By the end of this practice, Qigong for holiday stress, you will not be the same person that started it.

Our goal is to bring you all the tools you need to have a happy and peaceful holiday season. To bring peace to Earth, strive to make your own life peaceful!

Love and Joy to you this holiday season and beyond.

-Chris and Parisa

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