Empowered Explant Podcast: Heal Your Whole Self With Qigong


This week, we would like to share a recent interview we were given by Darnah Mercieca, host of the Empowered Explant podcast. Darnah is a board-certified health and wellness coach who specializes in “integrative nutrition and mindset.”

The more personal and vulnerable an experience, the more universal it is.


Along with incorporating the wisdom of special guests (like us!), Darnah uses her expertise and personal life experience to help ladies heal from the inflammation, illness, toxicity, and overall effects that cosmetic surgery can leave on the body.

This is in addition to helping her listeners and clients process the emotional pains and struggles involved in the before, during and after phases of explant surgery, as they return back to their natural form with a renewed sense of health, vitality, self-acceptance, and self-love.

Darnah invited us onto the podcast to discuss the benefits of Qigong and how it can help members of her community who, like us, are on a journey of healing transformation.

In this podcast we talk directly to those who seek to heal the effects of trauma on the body that has its roots in negative emotions, which is the leading cause of death and disease.

Although their situation may be different when you get down to the specifics, we are all faced with similar struggles and challenges when it comes to healing emotional traumas and the impact they have on everything from the actions we take to energies that become stored in our organs.

This interview is full of rich conversation and insights that will inspire anyone looking to bring overall physical and emotional wellness into their lives through the practice of Qigong and ancient wisdom.

We cover everything from the healing benefits of Qigong’s gentle movement and meditations, to mindfulness over thought patterns, as well as the physical manifestations of emotional dis-ease in the body and the role our own personal identity plays in choices we make that directly impact our physical well-being and vitality.

Join us for this intelligent and thought-provoking episode full of fascinating questions that lead to some serious golden nuggets of wisdom and inspiration!!


-Chris and Parisa

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