Qigong Practices to Reduce Stress and Strife

Qigong Practices to Reduce Stress and Strife

First of ALL, what is Qigong?

“Qi” refers to the life force energy that exists in all things, material and non-material.
Everything you see, or don’t see, is an expression of Qi.
“Gong” is the art and practice of tapping into this life force energy, which is a learned
skill. With a little guidance, you have the potential to harness your Qi in order to
benefit your own life and the lives of those around you.
Qigong is a method for growing and maintaining vitality, cognitive function and
overall well-being. It is not based on belief—meaning, you do not have to believe in it
for it to work.
A major benefit that Qigong offers is to provide the tools for developing greater
awareness of how you feel, so you can release toxic emotions while reducing stress
and strife.

Qigong Practices

Qigong practices

Qigong Practice #1 to Qigong Practices to Reduce Stress and Strife:

Pulling Down the Heavens


The practice of Pulling Down the Heavens is a staple of Qigong. Do this simple,
sweeping movement before and after every stretching or exercise routine, or at any
time of day to calm your mind and lower stress levels.
Starting from Wu Ji posture—feet shoulder width apart, knees lightly unlocked,
shoulders relaxed, chin and tailbone slightly tucked—inhale and raise, or float, your
arms wide to the side, palms up, arms gently curved.
At the top of your reach, as you begin to exhale, turn your palms over and bring the
arms down, palms passing in front of your head, chest and abdomen.
Repeat three to 36 times.


Qigong Practice #2 to Reduce Stress and Strife:
Shaking the Tree


Humans are one of the only animals who don’t “shake off” the harmful effects of
stress and strife. Think of two swans fighting in a pond. Once the altercation is over,
the birds separate, stand tall and flap their giant wings. Now the fight is over.
After a stressful conversation or unpleasant event, or as a preventative measure, take
a moment to get out of your head and into your body to literally shake, wiggle and
release what is present. If you have privacy, shake your head, arms and legs for a
moment or two. If you’re not alone, open your mouth wide and do a giant, quiet
exhale. Shake it off! Now you’re a beautiful swan.


Qigong Practice #3 to Reduce Stress and Strife:
Heart Healing Sound


First, focus on a situation from the past or present that creates emotional pain for you.
This could be something that triggers the feelings of abandonment, loneliness, fear,
anxiety, etc. Then, imagine a pink or red cloud filling up into your Heart as you inhale.
Then, exhale and make the HAAA sound, either audibly or underneath your breath.
As you make this specific sound, imagine that emotional feeling leaving like a dark
cloud, going several feet away from the body and down into the ground.
Do the HAAA sound 3 to 36 times, and you will notice a difference in how you feel,
while also possibly changing the trajectory of your life circumstance.

Click here to download your quick guide, Three Qigong Practices to Quickly Reduce Stress and Strife.

16 thoughts on “Qigong Practices to Reduce Stress and Strife”

  1. A perfect reminder that it doesn’t have to be complicated to reap the benefits of this beautiful practice! ????????????

  2. Barbara Joan Cohen

    Dear Chris and Parisa, I just want to thank you both for the wonderful videos that I receive from you and I am doing the exercises regularly. Rather than going onto any anti-depressants , a change in ones mental attitude works so well. Getting out of the pandemic is not easy and I am finding it a little stressful socialising again as I have lost a bit of confidence in myself.
    But thank you so much again, Barbara from South Africa.

    1. Hi Barbara in S.A.!
      You’re most welcome and thank you for your comment and for investing the time into yourself to do the exercises regularly. Socializing is like a muscle. The more you get yourself out there , the better it feels. Be blessed and Qi you later. ????

      1. Parisa and Chris,
        This quick guide is fun and a huge gift. I have not practiced the Shaking the Tree in the past. I just recently started with it after watching your videos. But, most of all, I really like how you put these three practices together in your quick guide! I am adopting these practices into my daily routine now. Thank you for sharing so much with all of us! I appreciate you! Nan ????

  3. "West Coast Jen"

    Great little book of Qi ‘nuggets’ to share with others. It’s concise but full of practical information to help people right away!

  4. I truly enjoyed my previous class with you through the County. I appreciate the email with the three practices. Kick start to begin again. Thank you!

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