Qigong for Mental Health

The Heart houses the Mind, which houses the Spirit, or “Shen.”

From the vantage point of Chinese medicine, our consciousness resides in the heart, and, therefore, mental health issues arise from an imbalance in the Heart, or heart-mind connection.

We can recognize discord in the Heart when we find ourselves lacking in joy, especially when doing things that once brought us happiness. You may also notice feelings of abandonment and loneliness arising frequently, further distancing us from the joyfulness we radiate naturally, when in balance.

This disharmony eventually impacts the mind and body, bringing along physical, mental and emotional symptoms of overall heart-mind imbalance.

In this video, Chris will outline the foundation of mental health issues according to Chinese medicine, and how we can reestablish Heart health to bring relief.

In addition to diet recommendations and Feng Shui remedies, Chris will demonstrate a simple and effective Qigong movement and Heart Sound practice that will allow you to release the grief and sorrow you may be carrying, so that the positive virtue of Universal Love may arise within.

Join Chris as he shares additional tools for releasing the “stuck” feeling we sometimes experience when emotions are held in our throats, or the anxiety that arises when our Hearts are not at ease.

Chris will also share insights into healthy relationship practices, like how we can  bring higher states of Love into our lives by first honoring and loving ourselves with healthy boundaries.

Let us help you clear out your heart and mind so that the joy of life can once again return to your spirit.

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