Qigong to Relieve Period Symptoms

Alright gentlemen, this week’s video may not be relevant to you.

However if you know any lady friends or loved ones that suffer from painful periods, consider sending them this video for some DIY Qi Tips to help!

Now ladies, we all know how irritating, uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating our monthly visitor can be, so I thought I would devote this video to some techniques that will bring more ease to that time of the month.

It is important to focus on balancing our Liver and Kidney Qi specifically during this time to help you get back into the flow (pun intended!).

When we experience symptoms like bloating, irritability, cramps, breast tenderness, etc., it usually means the Liver Qi is stagnant.

Generally pain means the qi is stuck (think of a clogged sink or drain).

Liver Qi stagnation is usually caused by stuck emotions or chronic stress.

It is important that we look at what is going on in our lives (or old hurt or trauma that we haven’t dealt with) that may be causing ongoing stress.

As the adage goes, “it must be revealed to be healed.”

Our bodies tell us so much when we choose to listen. When our Qi is flowing and we are more balanced, our periods will actually follow suit.

In this week’s video, you can follow along for a short qigong practice aimed at focusing on the Liver and Kidney exercises as well as the healing sounds.

You can do this practice each day of your period to keep the qi flowing and help you feel your best.

So ladies, I hope this video helps! Please respond to this email with any questions that come up. We are here for you!

Sending you well wishes and good-ass-Qi!

Parisa and Chris

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