Spring Clean Your Body and Mind With Qigong

By releasing the old, we make way for the new…

The start of Spring signals a time for adjusting our environments, both within and without.

As we work to clear out and release the things that no longer serve us, we make space for new growth and new experiences.

But this kind of Spring cleaning goes beyond our home or work environments and includes our our internal environment as well!

And what organ do you think is responsible for Spring cleaning in the body?

You guessed it. The Liver.

The Liver and Gallbladder are associated with the Wood element, which is activated during Springtime.

When the Wood element and Liver are in balance, we can use this Springtime energy to create constructive change and to fuel our own energy and will to see things through, but when they are out of balance, we will see blockages and stagnation that lead to negative emotions and unhealthy responses.

In fact, if you experience seasonal allergies this time of year, it’s a sign that your Liver is overloaded. Other signs include uneven energy throughout the day and the buildup of “heated” emotions like anger, frustration, rage, and resentment.

If you’re experiencing any of these now, it’s ok!

These are the body’s signals and are there to let you know it’s time to take action.

Just as things that have been lying dormant through winter are beginning to blossom outdoors, it is also time for what has been dormant within to be processed and released so that you too may radiate your inner beauty, love and light!

In this week’s video, I will show you some powerful Qigong exercises that will cleanse and free up the Liver while releasing those destructive emotions that wreak havoc on your internal and external environments.

When we let go of anger and resentment, we create space for the positive virtues of kindness, acceptance and inclusion to arise…

I will also share with you a few daily practices that will assist your Liver and allow it to process the toxins it needs to while purifying the blood. Stay tuned for additional Feng Shui tips, one of my favorite herbal remedies and healthy, nutritious food options as well!

2 thoughts on “Spring Clean Your Body and Mind With Qigong”

  1. Andrea LaVergne

    Perfect timing for today’s message! but…I only got the “Minor Blue_” herbal remedy for my husband who has been having a continuous series of colds.

    1. Thanks Andrea! Very glad!
      Okay let us know how he does with the “Minor Blue_”
      Be well and Qi ya,

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