What I Learned From a Staph Infection on My Face…

Let’s face it, our appearance matters… Almost to the point of our survival depending on it.

I know this first hand since battling with a gnarly staph infection on my face over the past six weeks, which got worse before it got better.

If you’re in our Curative program or The Qi Club, you most likely saw my red nose and puffy eyes over the past week.

I’m only able to write about it now because I’m on the other side of it.
It was horrible, and it also was a great learning experience.
I’m feeling better, and I definitely learned a lot.

Here is a list of things that I learned and links to resources that we used to treat it:

  • It is easier to combat disease before it sets in. This became very apparent, because the whole thing started after a facial with a small red dot on the tip of my nose. If you notice something is off with your body or mind, don’t wait. Take care of it!
  • Cleanliness is next to godliness. Staph is an aggressive bacteria that can be avoided by disinfecting tools, surfaces, and hands.
  • Integrative medicine is where it’s at. With most life challenges, the “middle way” often provides the most efficient solutions. We used a combination of Eastern medicine, Western medicine, and bio hacks to get better.

Here is a list of resources that were used:

  • The Qi Club: I must admit, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself on some of the days. The Qi Club helped me balance my emotions and turn my frown upside down.
  • Curative Qigong: I was extremely blessed to be under the care and supervision of my husband and Curative Qigong Master, Chris Shelton. His treatments definitely helped pull the infection to the surface and release the toxins from my body.
  • doTERRA Essential Oils: We used a lot of coconut oil to soothe the dry skin. We also mixed castor oil with Frankincense and Tea Tree oil as a topical antibiotic. I also used Eucalyptus to boost my mood, because this whole thing was very depressing.
  • Acupuncture: Living in Los Angeles, we have access to the brightest and most proficient acupuncturist, Dr Lu, who inserted needles in the right places in order to reduce the spread and its itchiness.
  • Chinese medicine herbs and coaching: Before this whole thing happened, I was already working with Dr. Liang, but when the infection first started to pop-up she knew what herbal tea to formulate that had natural antibiotics, which I continued until the swelling got so bad that she told me to get a prescription for antibiotics.
  • Kaqun Oxygen Bath: I absolutely love taking oxygen baths at Kaqun. Immediately after the soak, the redness subsided and by the next day pushed the remaining infection to the surface.
  • Ozone Therapy: On the morning my face swelled like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, Chris took me to Orange County and I did a 10-pass Ozone therapy treatment. During and immediately after the treatment, the swelling went down 70-75%. It was a miracle.
  • Hyperbaric Chamber: I was feeling so much better after the Ozone therapy but was still not out of the woods yet, so I did two Hyperbaric chambers over two days. After the first session, the redness and swelling was reduced by another 90% and the next day (after the second hyperbaric chamber) the swelling and redness was gone.
  • EE System: We took a field trip to soak in the Energy Enhancement System, which generates “scalar waves” that facilitate cell regeneration and detoxify the body. We took my blood under a micro-scope and was able to see a different in red-blood-cell shape and consistency following the two hour session.
  • Antibiotics: After my nose got better, the infection traveled to my forehead and got worse, so we decided to head to my primary care physician who prescribed antibiotics. The antibiotics reduced the redness in one day, but the swelling in my forehead drained downward which caused my eyes and cheeks to swell. (It was horrible.)

Before and After pictures:


6 thoughts on “What I Learned From a Staph Infection on My Face…”

  1. So happy to hear you are feeling better and healing swiftly. Thank you for all the valuable information. It is not a virus to take lightly. Blessings to you and Chris.

  2. Parisa! Oh, my goodness! So scary. I am so sorry you had to experience this. A staph infection is serious. Great to see you all healed up! Miss you both. Sending hugs.

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