The Face Does Not Lie…

“It’s fun to be able to read the personalities of other people, but I’ll be honest with you, face reading is really an introspection into yourself…” -Chris

These days, it seems like no one can get enough of the ancient art of Chinese face reading!

I was invited back for Part 3 of Face Reading on WTFrick Live with Emily Menshouse and Will Martinez, and as usual, we had a blast.

As I always say, the face tells a story. It reveals the deeper personality of an individual and issues that a person is facing, or has not yet fully resolved.

But this practice can also point to one’s elemental type, organ dominance, physical strengths and weaknesses, internal imbalances, and indications of disease.

By remaining in alignment with our true nature, we can stay in greater balance, but when we deviate from this deeper self, signs and symptoms will manifest.

Gaining a clear awareness of our body-mind is key to establishing greater overall health and well-being, and this practice will provide you with the tools to do that.

We are all born with positive attributes and we all have things that we still need to work on.

The art and science of Chinese face reading helps to pinpoint and reveal what is going on beneath the surface, so that we can better address these issues and bring greater health and awareness to our whole selves.

If you are interested in this practice and would like to take a peek into the intricacies of it, this episode will provide you with a lot of fun facts and practical applications of this centuries old technique.

Then, when you’re done watching, sign up for our new Secrets on the Face class, starting June 14th!
????????For details, visit http://secretsontheface.com

Back by popular demand, we are so excited to be offering this class for the first time since 2018. It will be held live at our Morning Crane Burbank studio and on Zoom with recordings available to access for life!

Join us for this lively talk and dive deeper into the practice with us later this month!

We look forward to seeing you!!

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