Stuffed Zucchini Recipe

Hello Dear Reader,

Besides my love for my beautiful wife Parisa and love for the transformational properties of Qigong, my next love is FOOD.

In this week’s video, we bring our camera into the… KITCHEN
(What were you thinking?!)

Thanks to our new Digital Media Manager, Emily Rath, we’ve created a new YouTube series called Cooking With Chris.

If you saw my Instagram feed last week you may have noticed that someone from Bass Pro Shop gifted me an extra large zucchini.

Now, I’m gifting you with some fun facts about zucchini, plus a delicious recipe.

As we move into the final weeks of summer, we find that the fruits and vegetable that are in season have an energetic property of being cooling in nature, which helps to cool the body down and offset summer heat.

Here are a few of the nutritious and delicious ingredients mentioned in the video:

– Zucchinis, bell peppers, and Asian pears are all in season and helps to reduce inflammation and summer heat.

– Beets have nitric oxide, which is great for the cardiovascular system and the Liver.

– Ghee aka clarified butter, is a healthy fat that is great for brain health and aides in the ability to think clearly.

– Chlorophyll is the green stuff found in plants, extracted in a bottle and sold at your local grocery store. This miracle tonic gently works to detoxify the Liver, oxygenates the blood, and gives you more energy.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with the tagline from the movie Finding Nemo – “Fish are friends, not food,” and here we switch it around to say, “Food is medicine, not just food.”

We hope you enjoy this terrific, tantalizing, and tasteful video!

Until next time. Be well. And Qi ya later.


Click here to learn how to make stuffed zucchini! 

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