Summer Heart Health

We all know it—summer is hot.

According to the ancient philosophy of Chinese medicine, summer and the heat it brings correspond directly to the heart.

It should be no surprise then, that according to the CDC, most heart attacks happen in the summer months!

The heart is ruled by the Fire element, and anytime there is an increase in this element, from the foods we eat, to the lifestyle we live, or the environment around us, it can throw our bodies off balance, directly impacting this central organ.

This time of year, rising temperatures signal that it’s time to protect our heart health.

Although the heart is central to our circulatory system, we are all familiar with the emotional component and spiritual connection we feel with this vital organ.

According to ancient Chinese medicine, the heart houses the mind, which in turn, houses the spirit.

Heart health is central to our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Join me as I share some simple Qigong exercises that can relieve excess heat, including “heated emotions,” from the body while balancing those organs that support a healthy heart.

These movements will bring both physical and emotional relief, opening the door to allow the positive virtues of love and gratitude to come through.

I will also guide you in additional ways we can bring balance to the body during these summer months, including what foods to avoid and what foods to introduce.

Chinese medicine and Qigong teach that we are part of nature, and a healthy, balanced mind and body can be in flow with the seasons. Let me show you some simple and effective ways to counteract the summer heat and stay cool from within!

From our hearts to yours ❤️

-Chris and Parisa

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