The Truth about New Year’s Resolutions

Gun hey fat choi! Happy Lunar New Year!

Ancient Eastern traditions recognize the first day of the New Year between January 21st and February 20th; when the first new moon rises during that time, a new year unfolds.

Today, February 8, is the beginning of the Chinese New Year. (Remember to admire the new moon tonight!)

New Year festivities are centuries old and take place all around the globe. This year we embark on the Year of the Red Monkey.

The monkey represents curiosity, mischievousness and cleverness. Red represents the Fire Element, which is hot, expansive and high energy. When you put them together this year, a year of Red Monkey means it’s time to dream big, be imaginative and explore your fascinations. Hold on to your seats, folks! This is going to be a fun, fast-paced year.

Get ready!

Now that the dust has settled, the Christmas tree recycled, and our waistlines mysteriously wider, let’s ask ourselves a BIG question: Have I been keeping my New Year’s resolutions? Have I been true to my best-self intentions and dreams?

Did you just mutter a dejected “no”? Chin up, kind heart. You are not alone. Almost 50% of all Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Less than 10% of us (that’s 1 in 10 people!) actually follow through by the time February rolls around.

So why do so many of us continually set goals and intentions that fall by the wayside?

Here’s what we think: we’ve lost sight of the truth. Most of us are blind to what’s important and clueless about why we do what we do. (Stay with me.) There is actually such a thing as “desired difficulty;” recent scientific studies are showing that our cognitive ability to problem-solve actually increases when circumstances are tough or not ideal. This is a positive twist on “no pain, no gain.”

Struggle and strife are proven catalysts that propel us to the next level of success, creativity and intelligence (in other words: the ability to solve problems and Serve others). When you experience pain and suffering, really big stuff like grief and heartbreak or lighter loads like disappointment and frustration, you’re in the perfect position to learn and grow. You can balance darkness with light; death with birth, the Yin with the Yang.

It is said that to bring peace to the world, we must strive to bring peace to our hearts. What if everyone around the planet made a resolution to bring more peace and love into their life?


Every person CAN make a difference. You can heal your body, mind and spirit. You can practice peace and harmony in your heart, home and life. As you heal those fractured parts of yourself, and forget and forgive those resolution disappointments, you set an example for others. When you let your Light shine, you create a powerful and peaceful space that invites others to shine too.

As you go about the rest of your day, week and year, may the Red Monkey bless you with self-assured expressive energy that guides you toward your inner Light of Truth.

Gun hey fat choi! Happy Lunar New Year!

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