Tips To Manage Holiday Stress

The holiday season is upon us and we have put together some tips and tools to help you to stress less and be happy this holiday season!

The holidays are supposed to be about peace, love and joy, but we all know from experience that family gatherings and the hustle and bustle of the season often interfere with our ability to stay present and in the spirit of warmth and goodwill to all.

There are many stressors that can trigger overwhelm and reactivity during the holidays. From the financial pressures of gift giving, to social obligations and not-so-pleasant family dynamics, we are often stretched too thin and lacking in what we need to respond effectively and as the best versions of ourselves.

When we say let “it” go this holiday season, we mean anything that is bothering you or interfering with your optimal level of well-being. 

When we are upset by something or someone, the typical response is to hold it in, bottle it up, and carry the negative vibration around in our bodies. The wisdom of ancient Chinese medicine teaches that by holding on to these negative emotional states, inflammation and disease arise.

But, aside from the physical consequences of negative emotions, the greatest cost comes from the loss of presence and authenticity we experience when faced with triggering people, situations and events.

Stress and the related angst we feel tend to stimulate our own reactivity (along with the least developed parts of ourselves) – only helping to spread doom and gloom instead of the peace and love we value and wish to share.

That’s why we created this week’s video: so you have tools at your disposal to help release any triggers, stressors, and holiday-season-side-effects, allowing you to relax and create more space within. 

Join us for everything from journaling practices and the power of pause to some of our favorite exercises for releasing negativity and reactivity, so you can respond to the stresses of the holiday season with ease and from your highest intentions!

Wishing you happy holidays filled with joy and love.


-Chris and Parisa

2 thoughts on “Tips To Manage Holiday Stress”

  1. Dear Chris and Parisa
    Loved the video and points given
    It’s for all time.😊
    Have a wonderful holiday season
    My best to you all

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