Tools to Release Sadness

Breathe in Light: Heart Advice for Hard Times

As May unfolds and Memorial Day approaches, take a moment to remember the people you’ve loved and lost. Take a moment and check in with those feelings. No judgment; just look.

When people die we’re often rushed through our grief and mourning.  We get a sanitized unrealistic image of death from TV and movies.  Most people think that if we blur through our pain, our pain won’t find us.
Yet just as laughter and joy are divine so are heartbreak and tears. Grief and sadness demand expression and release so we can begin to heal and thrive.
Is sadness trapped inside your body? In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sadness, grief and sorrow are stored in our lungs. If these powerful emotions are stifled or shunned, we suffer. For example, symptoms of depression and anxiety appear.  Physical ailments such as a soft low voice, scratchy throat and dry cough are common. Lung Qi opens into your skin so skin irritations like rashes and acne may flare up.  Digestive issues such as constipation or diarrhea are another common symptom of grief that’s blocked and festering inside the body.
As uncomfortable and heartbreaking as grief feels, when we lovingly honor and express our sadness, we begin healing our mind, body and spirit.  Know and understand that all physical forms on this planet are impermanent; this too shall pass.
The word “courage” comes from the French term  coeur, which means “heart.” Tune into your heart as you remember the people who’ve passed before you. Tune into your lungs as you breathe in courage, strength and acceptance.
Take a moment to practice this simple Qigong Meditation for Sadness, Grief and Loss. Give yourself the space to remember that love never dies and pain never lasts.

Love & Gratitude,
-Chris Shelton


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