Hello Dear Reader,

Thank you for joining us on this Unity journey! “United we stand. Divided we fall.”

Unity is a 22 day Qigong and yoga journey for the purpose of uniting with our inner being as well as the environment around us.

This page will serve as a quick reference guide to access each day.

As part of the Unity series, we’ll be doing a Focus Wheel during each session.

What is a Focus Wheel you may ask?!

A Focus Wheel is a tool to get out of our negative mind and go into our positive, then neutral mind.

You will need a blank piece of paper or a journal and a pen.

Try to do the exercise in the morning to start your day off on a positive, successful note. However, any time is better than not doing it at all…

More details on how to do Focus Wheels can be found in the Unity video descriptions. Click on any day to access that day’s video:

Day 1 – Qi – focuses on the life-force-energy that radiates within us and around us.

Day 2 – Balance – focuses on finding ways to be in balance
Day 3 – Creativity – focuses on getting the creative juices flowin’.
Day 4 – Love – focuses on feelin’ the love.
Day 5 – Grounding – focuses on connecting with the Earth and grounding to our center.
Day 6 – Courage – focuses on generating courage and strength.
Day 7 – Gentleness – focuses on how gentleness can improve health and happiness.
Day 8 – Imagination – focuses on using imagination to co-create reality.
Day 9 – Alive – focuses on the vitality running though us.
Day 10 – Protection – focuses on expanding our sense of protection and fortifying our immune systems.
Day 11 – Timing – focuses on time as a resource to co-create the life you’ve been imagining.
Day 12 – Guided – focuses on tuning into our inner guidance system.
Day 13 – Give – focuses on how to give freely and generously!
Day 14 – Receive – focuses on the ability to receive gracefully.
Day 15 – Attract – focuses on the ability to attract a desired result and ultimately the life you’ve been dreaming of.
Day 16 – Kindness – focuses on cultivating kindness to yourself and each other
Day 17 – Joy – focuses on developing joy from within.
Day 18 – Clarity – focuses on forming clarity over what you want.
Day 19 – Communication – focus on forming clear communication with yourself and others.
Day 20 – Flow – focuses on being in the flow state.

Day 21 – Gratitude – focuses on developing an attitude of gratitude.
Day 22 – Unity – focuses on uniting with the true essence of who we are.

Let’s get this Qi-Party started!

May you be at peace, we love you and Namaste.

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