How To Take 2021 To The Next Level

Hello there and welcome to 2021!
We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge you, dear {First Name}!
Whether you are new to our eblast or you’ve been a long time participant, we thank you for being a part of our Qi-community!
Your time and energy does not go unnoticed, and we want you to know that you are special to us!
We are passionate about spreading the ancient healing art of Qigong, which is more important now than ever before.
There is a lot of chaos “out there,” and the way to come out of the chaos is to go inwards and refine our own vibration.
Qigong offers an opportunity to look inward, to increase our consciousness, and improve our mental and emotional wellbeing.
And then guess what happens?!
That positivity vibrates, shines and radiates outwards.
Collectively, as a community, the more we cultivate ourselves internally, the more positive change we create in the world around us.
As the adage goes, “To bring peace to this world, strive to make your own
life peaceful.”
Learn how to release the stress, fear, and worry that clouded over many of us in 2020.
Reflect on the abundance that our Earth has for each one of us.
Ask yourself what went RIGHT this year?
What was the unexpected GOOD that happened?
What can I do to bring about more peace into my own life?
Every day is a new beginning and a new chance for growth, creativity and expansion.
Watch this short New Years Video and check out all the amazing programs we have coming up. We love you and wish nothing but the best for you.
We will Qi you later!
Chris and Parisa

Watch Our Special New Years Announcement Here!

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