5 Qigong Tips to Reduce Stress

Life is a lot like a dirt road and stress comes like bumps in the road. Challenges can feel like road blocks. ???? ????

But one of the keys to a well balanced, healthy and happy journey is to cruise through Life with the necessary tools to digest and process the stress and challenges.

Adding a regular Qigong practice to your routine is like driving down Life Rd. in a brand new 2021 Cadillac Escalade, which helps to absorb the bumps!

Qigong offers practical solutions to process and release the bumps in the road and to transform stress into peace-of-mind. ????

That is why we are so excited to share this special practice with you!

In this week’s video, Parisa and I offer five Qigong tips that will allow you to slow down and let go of the stressful moments when they appear.

Remember, the more you incorporate these tools into your daily life (especially when the negative feelings arise), the easier it will become to access that inner calmness no matter what is going on around you.

Don’t just watch this week’s video, actually practice along with us so you can allow your body to start creating muscle memory with these de-stressing Qigong exercises.

Let us know in the comment section when you feel the difference.

May the Qi be with you! ????

-Chris & Parisa

P.S. – Bookmark this video so it’ll be easily available whenever you need it. ????

2 thoughts on “5 Qigong Tips to Reduce Stress”

  1. Awesome Practice! Very calming & energizing. Disperses the distress and vitalizes the whole being.
    Very transforming. Thank You!

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