Three Tips To Develop Good Qi

As we move through the Fall Season and start to wind down in preparation for the holidays, we thought it would be a perfect time to give you three important tips to develop good-ass Qi. ☯️

If you’re someone who’s been hanging in our circle for a while you probably already know this stuff, but these foundational tips are a great opportunity for you to get back to the basics. ????

So what is ‘Qi’ (sometimes referred to as ‘Chi’)?

Qi is the life-force-energy that is within and all around us. It is the vital substance that flows in and through us and is a part of ALL things.????

Qi is the innate intelligence of our incredible bodies, and expresses itself in millions (if not billions) of different ways.

The word ‘Gong’ means skill or practice.

Thus, ‘Qigong’ is the practice of cultivating, harnessing and releasing Qi.

Qigong can be used for a wide range of conditions; from chronic pain and disease to anxiety, depression and more.

In this week’s video, we talk about the the pillars of Qigong, the foundational elements you must know in order to develop and maintain strong Qi in your body and mind.

So watch this week’s short video for a quick and simple outline that will explain why each pillar is important and how to incorporate these elements into your daily routine.

To wrap it up, here’s some wise words from a t-shirt Parisa owns, “inhale the good shit and exhale the bullshit!”

You got this!

We love you and will Qi you later. ❤️

-Chris & Parisa

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