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It’s hot August nights here in California, and we’re gearing up to wrap up book #2 (of 20)! DIY Home Remedies for Back Pain.

Today I got really really really excited proof reading the first chapter. I love the flow of the book. I love knowing how this information is going to help so many people.
It makes me want to jump for JOY!

Soon we’ll be releasing a video that talks about what we’ve been going through in order to birth this book. Most people have a book inside of them, but to actually sit down and write, edit, read, write, edit, read, write, edit, read, repeat is a big undertaking on top of an already jam-packed-buzzing schedule.

We’re planning out some amazing free content that will help us celebrate this upcoming book release. What would you like to see first?

Take the quick survey to let us know what you would like to learn about first:

*How to resolve back pain or
*How to boost immunity
*Note – use the comment section if you’d like us to tackle a different topic first.

This information is going to help us guide more people, like you, dear reader to be the best person you can possibility be.

Please click here to take the quick survey


Be well and Qi ya later,

-Chris and Parisa Shelton
And the entire team at Shelton Qigong (pets included)

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