Blood Deficiencies and Anemia

Dear Reader,

This week I wanted to discuss blood deficiencies and anemia.

Some of the tell-tale signs that you may have this condition is if you bruise easily, experience fatigue often, overthink most things, have a pale complexion and lips, and lack vital energy.

If you’re lethargic, especially after eating, this could mean you have a blood deficiency. Fibroids, miscarriages, chronic bloody noses, and organ prolapse are all symptoms as well.

If you are anemic and your physician has recommended you take iron, but you’re not noticing a difference, it’s because the iron pills are not addressing the underlying condition.

Though we all need iron in our diets, understanding the organ dysfunction that creates the discord is key to resolving the issue.

Watch this week’s video to learn more.

Fortunately, there are foods you can eat to help boost your blood Qi. Focus on foods that are bland – sweet potatoes, butternut squash, yams, pumpkins, lean red meat, eggs, tofu, basmati rice, mushroom (shiitaki, reishi and lion’s mane), celery juice, small seaweed packets, and small fish (especially sardines) are all beneficial.

Things to avoid:
-Avoid over-training
-Avoid cold and raw foods
-Avoid too much sugar and carbs, i.e. heavy foods
-Avoid standing while eating. Make sure to sit while eating (try to avoid eating quickly and on the run)
-Do not watch anything violent while eating
-Do not argue or engage in heated discussions while eating

Practice Qigong regularly. Allow for mindfulness and moving exercises to get your organs energized.

May the Qi be with you,

2 thoughts on “Blood Deficiencies and Anemia”

  1. Dear Chris personally,
    I am sad and dwindling away,habvoing my life wasted and wish I got your help and assistence to get on my feet.
    Love Claudia

    1. Hi Claudia,
      Turn that frown upside down 🙂
      We are glad to be of service and help facilitate and assist you in getting on your feet. We offer in person and online private sessions, as well as group classes in The Qi Club. I’m also sending you tons of positive healing vibs through the ethers. Be blessed and Qi ya.

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