Relieve Back Pain With This Stretch


Happy Lunar New Year or kung hei fat choi as said in Cantonese.

Today kicks off the year of the Metal Ox. Head over to my instagram page to hear a short forecast for this year!

To celebrate the Chinese New Year AND since this Sunday is Valentine’s Day, we wanted to give you this little gift! ❤️ >> A short video with a practical solution to back pain.

At the end of one of The Qi Club classes, I demoed a specific stretch on Parisa that I’ve been using for the past 20 years to help resolve back pain for thousands of clients.

If you’ve seen me in clinic, or have done our Teacher Training Program, you’ve heard me preach about how the root of all back problems is in the psoas muscle being too tight.

I could talk about the importance of the psoas for days, but to make a long story short, YES sitting too much is a contributor to the psoas getting tight, but the main contributing cause is S-T-R-E-S-S!

That’s right, STRESS!

The technique in this week’s video is part of my “secret sauce,” which is the reason we kept this video as unlisted on youtube. We only want to share this valuable information to our beloved readers and loyal subscribers.

Consider yourself blessed! Thank you for being YOU!

Happy New Year, Happy Valentine’s Day, we love you and wish you the BEST.

Qi ya later.
-Chris and Parisa

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