Cooking with Chris: Boneless Stew Edition

We’re so excited for you to join us for the next episode of Cooking with Chris!

As we’re nearing the end of winter, we thought you may enjoy a heart warming, soul nourishing and blood building home-cooked stew.

Some of you may know that, before becoming a Qigong master, I was a butcher for over 20 years!

I trained during a time when the craftsmanship of the skill was still highly prized, which taught me a lot about anatomy and how the body functions (as well how to save at the butcher shop!!).

In this video, I will take you on a journey through the kitchen to feed, nourish and replenish your body, heart and soul after making it through these long winter months.

Join us to learn my secrets for making a delicious, nutritive and deeply nourishing boneless chuck roast stew. You will be glad you did!

According to Chinese medicine, small amounts of red meat are strengthening for those who tend towards blood deficiency, often diagnosed as anemia.

It is also nutritive for the times when a person is feeling low on energy and in need of some additional strength.

We want to remind you that eating warm and nourishing foods is helpful when the weather is cold. The body is already working overtime to generate the warmth it needs for metabolism and digestion, so eating warming, wholesome foods during this time will aid it in this process.

So, watch this video before you head out to your local butcher shop. Then come back once you’ve gotten the grass-fed, humanely raised cut that you need.

Don’t forget to check back in with us and let us know how it goes! We hope you enjoy this delicious, home-cooked meal as much as we have!!

2 thoughts on “Cooking with Chris: Boneless Stew Edition”

  1. Hi Chris!!
    I loved watching this video and getting the tip on the chuck eye steak. I’m going to make this soon. How are you guys doing? I still take Qigong lessons once a week here in Petaluma and think of you often. I remember making your recipe of winter warming soup years ago with Marsha, we made a fun day of it.
    Thank you as always for all you do to make this world a better place, and on behalf of all your students, current and former, for helping us to be better people.
    Take care.

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