Qigong and Yoga for the Office

Qigong and Yoga for the Office


Have you been sitting a lot at the office? If yes, get ready to recharge, refresh and release!

We know how you feel. Your shoulders are tight and your back and neck have been carrying the load of long hours at your desk… 

It’s the most repetitive tasks we face in daily life that bring the most stress to the body, and although it may seem less demanding than being on your toes, sitting down for extended periods of time can have a build-up effect of tension on the body. 

But, that’s why we’re here! It is our mission to bring greater well-being to you in any and every way we can think of!

And, this week, we have focused our efforts on the members of our hard working community who could use a little extra TLC as they put in the hours at work.

Give yourself a break while participating in this week’s video where I give you series of exercises that will release tension in the head, neck and shoulders.   

But we won’t stop there! Try some of these movements for extension and flexion of the spine and wrists, along with additional Qigong exercises targeted at opening up the meridians, so that you can feel better faster!

You’re in luck because we also included a practice for transforming problems into projects.

Watch to the end as we go through some transformational steps to gain clarity on your desires and next step to get you there.

We also want to help you release the buildup of mental and emotional stress from long days at the office, which too directly impacts how you physically feel. Release tension and recharge your batteries with this quick practice.

When we are done, you will feel more awake, alert and relaxed. Your body will have the suppleness it seeks and you will be ready for whatever next task is at hand.


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