WTFrick Live: Chinese Face Reading Take 2

“Self empowerment comes through knowledge,”

…and being your own superior doctor requires looking deeply into what is going on in the body, mind and spirit of each individual.

I was so happy to be invited back to WTFrick Live for a part two on the fundamentals of Qigong and Chinese Face Reading – an ancient tool that can be used to reveal often missed, and even hidden, issues at root of imbalance, disease and inflammation in the body.

Chinese face reading began thousands of years ago when physicians did not feel it was acceptable to touch a woman during diagnosis. So, they came up with a system to read deeply into the body by recognizing facial features.

Each part of the face connects to the personality of the individual and the driving force behind their actions, but also to the different organs of the body, especially those storing emotional trauma.

After covering all you can imagine about Qigong, raising your own vibration and using food as medicine, Emily couldn’t wait for me to analyze the faces of a couple of serial killers and an American president, as well as a very famous pop star (Britney Spears) and a high-profile comedian (Dave Chappelle)!

And, although this is fun and entertaining, I want to remind you that this ancient diagnostic tool is incredibly powerful in not only recognizing the health concerns and emotional turmoil within others, but to learn deeply about ourselves as well.

Sometimes we are too close to our emotions to see them clearly, or they can be obscured by our own subconscious programming and protection mechanisms.

Fortunately for us, the tools provided by Qigong and Chinese medicine allow us to develop a deep connection to ourselves and our physiology because self empowerment comes though knowledge!

Chinese face reading is one of these incredible tools, and it can help to reveal deep-seated, obscured and causal factors behind imbalance, pain and inflammation in the body.

Join us for a lively discussion as we dive further into these concepts in addition to developing these and other powerful Qigong tools for self-empowerment and transformation!

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