Curative Qigong for Injuries with Ric Drasin

I have been to several doctors and no one’s gotten to the root of this except Chris, and I really mean that… -Ric Drasin, former WWF pro wrestler and American bodybuilder (1944-2020)

I came across this video recently where Ric Drasin invited me onto his show, Ric’s Corner, after I helped him to resolve some pretty extensive pain, bruising, inflammation, and swelling in his knee and calf.

Medical Qigong, or what we’re now referring to as Curative Qigong, is the foundation of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

It’s where I take the basic practices of Qigong to release physical and emotional trauma stored in the body and organs while combining it with the principles of Chinese medicine to help combat disease and resolve injuries.

By the time I saw him, Ric had been in pretty significant pain for over seven weeks and had been to four doctors who were not able to provide him with any clarity on the issue or results in treatment.

I knew I could help, so I reached out to bring Ric in for a session.

Qigong and Chinese medicine teach that the whole body is a complex and integrated system. Knowing this, I looked beyond the local area of the injury at some of the most important points distal to the trauma to reveal the underlying cause of the disturbance.

As usual, what I discovered was something most doctors are completely unaware of. Ric was so surprised by the analysis and results that he invited me on his show to talk about it and to help educate others in his industry that regularly face injuries as bodybuilders, wrestlers, stunt men, and the like.

On the show, Ric and I expand the discussion around Curative (Medical) Qigong as I go over the importance of balancing Yin and Yang within the internal organs as well as some other very powerful aspects of Curative (Medical) Qigong, including my top meditations for getting touch with the body while clearing blockages and stagnant energy from the channels and organs.

Remember the ancient Chinese proverb: “The superior doctor is one who prevents disease before it sets in.”

When cultivated, these practices will finely tune your inner awareness, so that you will develop the capacity to sense what is going on within your body on the subtle levels and take early steps to reestablish harmony before symptoms of disease manifest.

I hope you enjoy this video. Ric passed in 2020, and I am forever grateful to have been able to work with him and to have brought him some relief.

Thanks for reading to the end.

Be blessed and Qi ya later.

-Chris (and Parisa)

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