Protect Your Heart This Summer!

This time of year, rising temperatures signal that it’s time again to protect our Heart health. 

As a student or practitioner of Curative Qigong, you will soon realize it is no coincidence that, according to the CDC, most heart attacks happen during the summer months!

This time-tested wisdom teaches that specific organ systems become more prone to disease during the changing seasons, and in the summertime, we need to take special care of the Heart, ruled by the Fire element. 

The Heart houses the Mind, which in turn, houses the Spirit (Shen).

The importance of the Heart cannot be understated. It is the emperor or empress of the body, and, when in balance, not only brings the positive virtues of love and joy to us, but also clarity in our mind and speech, and the gift of deep, restful sleep. 

With rising temperatures, an excess of heat may accumulate in the body, putting additional stress on the cardiovascular system and the Heart. 

This, in turn, will affect the Mind and Spirit, causing a combination of  physical, mental and emotional symptoms of abandonment, looniness, lack of joy.

Feelings of restlessness, mania, and irritability become early warning signals that the Fire element is out of balance and the Heart needs our attention. 

Also, because of the delicate balancing act within, this additional heat adversely affects the Kidneys, ruled by the Water element, which work to balance the Heart by cooling the system.

When in harmony, the Heart and Kidneys respond beautifully to the summer season, both interacting in a dance that maintains the proper balance of Fire and Water, creating the precise mixture of Qi we need to sustain a healthy and vibrant life energy. 

However, when out of balance, due to the environment around us as well as improper diet and lifestyle, these organ systems will be adversely impacted, leading to signs and symptoms of disease. 

In this video, I have included simple and effective Qigong movements that will assist your body in releasing excess heat and Fire while balancing the Water element and allowing both the Heart and Kidneys to function optimally. Together, this will bring greater overall health and well-being to the body, Mind and Spirit. 

I have also included some powerful additional ways to further balance the Fire element during these summer months with specific Feng Shui and dietary recommendations. 

Chinese medicine and Qigong teach that we are part of nature, and a healthy, balanced body and mind can (and will) be in flow with the seasons. 

Let me show you some simple and effective ways to counteract the summer heat and stay cool from within!


-Chris (and Parisa)

7 thoughts on “Protect Your Heart This Summer!”

  1. Thanks for the great video on the heart. As always, I love the details on diet and the effect of eating your recommended foods for various conditions depending on the season.

  2. Thank you Chris☯️
    Such great information here. Can’t wait to share this info with my Maturity Wellness class tomorrow. They love QiGong!

  3. Thank you Chris☯️
    Such great information here. Can’t wait to share this info with my Maturity Wellness class tomorrow. They love QiGong!

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