DIY Home Healing: Heart Palpitations

“Heart palpitations are not by accident; they are a signal from your body that is seeking to be recognized…”

Heart palpitations are a somewhat common experience for many during times of emotional or physical stress. When they hit, it can feel like a fluttering or racing of the heart. Sometimes it feels like the heart skips a beat or is simply running faster than usual.

Although there may be physical causes at root, heart palpitations are a strong signal that there is something your body needs you to address, and more likely than not it’s an underlying emotional disturbance in need of your tender loving care.

Your Heart is the Emperor or Empress of the body.

It takes the brunt of all emotions that flow through the body and dictates how much will be expressed or suppressed. Emotional energy that is not released is then directed to other organs, where deep seated emotions become stored, leading to further signs of disharmony within.

When in balance, the Heart naturally radiates the positive virtue of universal love, but it is also the first to process the more painful and negative emotions associated with a loss of love, including grief, feelings of abandonment, loneliness, lack of joy, and sorrow.

I personally felt this over the past few months, due to my father and best-friend passing away.
Also, those feelings can be magnified around Valentines Day when we become acutely aware as to if we’re in a romantic relationship or not.

The great news is there are tools available that will allow you to release these emotional stressors from the Heart, so it can get back to doing what it’s best at—connecting you to the source of universal love that is in and all around you!!

In this week’s video, I’ll guide you through some steps you can take to discover what emotional blocks may be underlying heart palpitations, so that you can receive your heart’s message, clear negativity and be your best self.
I’ll also take you through a powerful Heart Healing Exercise that will leave you feeling relaxed, calm and confident.
But we’re not gonna stop there! Your heart’s desires deserve to be acknowledged and realized in this life!
I’ll also share some of our tools for helping you to create and allow the higher vibration of love we all seek to give and receive!
With practice, your Heart’s deepest intentions will become mirrored by your reality, especially within your closest relationships.
May your hearts be full of love today and beyond!


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