Healthy Immunity for Fall

Healthy Immunity for Fall


“You are healthy, vibrant and strong.”

This autumn, we want to help you boost your immunity!!

After the expansion of the warm summer months, the energy around us begins to contract inwards as fall approaches.

Our Wei Qi is a barrier-like energy field that surrounds us and protects the body from harmful pathogens. During the contraction of fall, our Wei Qi comes in closer to the body and we must take extra care to keep ourselves healthy.

This means lots of sleep and a healthy diet, but there are additional things we can do to stay well during this time.

During the autumn and winter months, we need to take special care of the Lungs and Kidneys. When properly nourished and in balance, these organs can help promote a physical resilience while also protecting you from external pathogens.

What can you do to keep the Lungs and Kidneys in optimal health?

In this week’s video, I will lead you through a series of Qigong exercises to balance and energize these organs while releasing the harmful and toxic energy that disrupts your body’s ability to defend itself.

I will also teach you a powerful meditation that will bring healing energy to the Kidneys, further contributing to a more robust immune system.

But why stop there??

Your thoughts communicate directly with your body, and you can help manufacture all the cells that you need to keep you healthy and protected!

This practice shows you how to use your own mind to build greater immunity within.

With the right practice, you can take control over your mind, strengthen your cells and change your immunity!

To top it all off, I will share some of my favorite immune-enhancing herbal formulas and additional practices that will keep you well this season and every season.

Here’s to great health!


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