How To Improve Mental Health


Dear Reader,

In honor of October being our Mental Health Awareness Month, we decided to put out a video focusing on mental disorders and what we can do reverse and prevent them.

Most people don’t realize how powerful our minds truly are. One of the things I love most about Qigong is that it’s a simple and practical tool that can help with our¬†mental/emotional state of being.

In this week’s video, not only do I discuss the root cause of several different “mental conditions,” I also provide actionable steps you (or your loved ones) can take right away to feel better now.

We are on a mission to inspire healing transformations thereby increasing health and happiness across the globe. Therefore, if you or anyone you know is suffering from any type of mental or emotional imbalance, please share this video.

Until next time, we will Qi you later!


Click Here to Watch ‘How to Improve Mental Health’!

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