How to Properly Sharpen Your Knives

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This week I talk about a very important topic when it comes to cooking – how to properly sharpen your knives.

Having a sharp set of knives in the kitchen makes it easier and safer to cut, chop, and dice. In fact, sharp knives are actually safer than dull knives because if you cut yourself with a dull knife, it will be more painful, take longer to heal, and can cause issues like carpal tunnel and tennis elbow over time.

When I used to be a butcher and meat manager for 21 years, I learned the proper techniques to make sure the blade was up to par and how to do so as safely as possible.

Just like it’s important to sharpen your knives on a regular basis, it’s also important to keep your tools for maintaining your health sharpened as well.

This means, continually enriching your spiritual development, educating yourself, and taking time to nurture and find balance within.

Check out this week’s video to learn how to sharpen your cooking knives with a
3-way stone as well as a steel knife sharpener so you can keep your blades lasting longer and cutting stronger!

Happy Sharpening!

May the Qi be with you,

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