Increase Your Intuition Using Your Body

Tapping into your body’s summertime wisdom

One of the most beautiful beliefs Chinese medicine and philosophy share is that perfect health exists in every particle of life.

We are affected by when we were born, the seasons we love and loathe, and the colors we see, eat and wear.

Recently I was preparing notes for a course I’m teaching about yin and yang and was reminded how the subtleties of our external environment and internal environment shape our inner and outer worlds.

Almost all of my students ask the same style of question as they delve into Chinese Medicine and the power of yin and yang in their lives: “How can I increase my intuition or psychic ability? How can I access greater inner knowing so I can be happier, healthier and more on purpose?”

Good question!

According to Chinese medicine, the five major yin organs of the body all have a different spiritual component. The liver is responsible for the ethereal-soul, which is part of the soul that deals with intuition. When the body is in balance, this part of our being is able to “sense things.”

Summer invites the heat to rise as well as our tempers. But by staying cool inside and out, our ability to feel and act intuitively is significantly increased.

Here are some easy summertime intuition tips to help you stay cool and stay open to the wisdom within you.

Practice Qigong like Pulling Down the Heavens and Liver and Heart Cleansing exercises.

Eat fruits in season like watermelon, cherries and apricots.

Sweeten your water with fresh peppermint.

Avoid cold alcohol on hot days (no matter how tempting!)

Stay away from greasy fatty meats like ribeye steak, which can clog your arteries and your third eye.

Breathe. If you’re overheating because of the temperature or the thoughts in your head, stop and take one conscious breath. Breathe in and out. Slowly. That one conscious breath helps align the yin and yang energies of the body as well as the intuitive knowing around you waiting to be discovered.

Stay cool this summer. Peace and love,

-Chris Shelton


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