Why the World Feels Upside Down

The Paradox of Life: Yin and Yang

A question I’m often asked by clients is, “How can I experience joy when there is so much suffering in the world?” Over the years I’ve noticed that the more compassionate the person, the more chronic pain they experience, which is both fascinating and frustrating.

Life is not fair, but it is perfect.
My most powerful and dedicated clients see the pain in the world. And they experience that pain in their bodies until the imbalance shifts.

I don’t need to see “Transformers,” a movie about robots saving the world, because I work with and through beautiful transformers every day who are manifesting a better world for all of us.

If you want a superpower to help zap adversity, anger and fear, remember the dynamics of yin and yang.

There’s a reason why yin and yang have been at the forefront of Chinese philosophy and medicine for thousands of years. Yin and yang are like a roadmap to greater peace and inner joy even for our charmingly distracted, left-brained Western minds.

Below are some yin and yang superpower tips to remember when you feel out of balance in mind, body and spirit. Or when you think the world is spinning too fast and too crazy!

Nothing (no-thing) is what it seems.

We are not meant to know “why” about all things. We are not meant to hold onto harsh feelings and compulsive thinking. We are here to allow the divine oneness to express itself through unconditional love.

Every phenomenon in the universe – and there are multiple universes! – is an expression of energy, or Qi, ranging from minor (air) to major (people, animals, plants).

The paradox and duality of life (e.g., nice people, mean people, dumb people) are expressions of yin and yang and are ALL relative to something else. Each and every one of us is divine and perfect.

Yin and yang are expressions of duality that link opposites and act as reminders that everything is connected. What appears “different” or “lesser” is a falsehood. There is no such thing as “Them” and “Us.” There is only One.

Yin and yang is an energy language that describes everything seen and unseen. It is expressed of what we see, feel and experience at all times. Everything and everyone is connected to us. Like it or not. What you put out there comes right back. Fast.

Every phenomenon is changing. Change is constant and never-ending. Nothing and no one is ever in a static state of non-change. Yin and yang propels life (you) forward. You are an expression of infinite potential and benevolence.

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Qi you later,

— Chris Shelton

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