Nothing is a Coincidence!

This week we’re sharing a fascinating interview with Candace Craw-Goldman from Quantum Healers.

Candace got us contemplating about the concept that nothing is a coincidence, all sounds, smells, thoughts, etc. that come into your awareness have meaning.

In other words, the seemingly random coincidences that arise in our lives are not so random after all.

Check out Quantum Realms where their theme is Integrity, Power, & Truth.

In this critical time, we are collectively co-creating our own personal power and truth and doing so with the integrity that 2022 demands.

Quantum Realms is the 5th annual online video event from QuantumHealers.com that celebrates consciousness exploration and the seminal lifetime work of Dolores Cannon, which is always held on the week of her birthday (April 15th).

This year we were blessed to be a part of it so check out our interview and the rest of the crew at https://www.quantumhealers.com/

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-Chris and Parisa

2 thoughts on “Nothing is a Coincidence!”

  1. This is so inspiring and supportive! Moving back from daily mask wearing is a challenge for many of us. Our lives have changed, and our health concerns are more paramount than ever. We moved to Central Coast during 2020, and part of living in an open area is being in nature more often, even in your own yard! I often feel the roses in the garden have a reaction when I clip them too soon, so I’m going to start asking permission. (They may say ‘no’!) Will see what happens. I knew Chris & Parisa back when I lived in Campbell, and it’s great to see both again and hear that you are going strong! Looking fwd to the self-healing book that you have coming out next! Love the connection to emotions. Haven’t found a good book on this since Louise Hay’s “You can Heal your Life” from back in the 70’s.

    1. Thank you Rebecca! Let us know how it goes with your roses ????
      You reminded me about the Face Reading classes. That was fun to spend that time together.
      We’ll keep you posted on the book and Qi you later.

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