Qigong For Depression

Dear Reader,

You deserve to have the life you want. You have the power within to transform a low mood and energy into greater health and happiness.

Depression is a common condition that can impact many of us at different times in our lives. It can leave us feeling sad, irritable and empty inside, taking away our drive, pleasure in life, and interest in activity.

Depression and low mood can add stress to our lives, especially when we lose our ability to focus and are left with a feeling of hopelessness. The stress of depression on our bodies disrupts our sleep and appetite; our physical vitality is lost and replaced by general feelings of fatigue and low energy.

Fortunately, there are simple Qigong for Depression exercises that can provide us with the tools we need to bring our bodies back into balance and transform the way we feel.

You have the power to create great change in your emotional well-being.

In this video, Parisa will take you through Qigong postures, movements, and breathing exercises that will expand your awareness while allowing you to cleanse and clear out negativity from the mind, body, and emotions.

These exercises will help you unblock and move stagnant energy to heal and transform negative states of mind.

The mind-body practices we teach will help alleviate feelings of depression and bring the inner-peace, joy and happiness you seek and truly deserve.

You deserve to be happy. It is your birthright.

When done regularly, these Qigong postures, movements, and breathing exercises will allow you to clear out and release built up negativity on a regular basis, so you can reconnect with the power you have within, creating greater mental flexibility and the ability to respond gracefully to life.

You are the change you wish to see.

We love you and will Qi you later.
-Chris and Parisa

2 thoughts on “Qigong For Depression”

  1. Barbara Joan Cohen

    Hi there, what a wonderful video. I just watched it this first time, and will endeavour to start doing it. At the moment I don’t have the energy to do it. But I will start in the morning . I don’t think I am depressed but lack energy. It has been a long two years in sort of isolation and to get myself back into the life stream seem daunting.

    Love to you all and I send love and light. Bless you.


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