Qigong Do’s and Don’ts to Help with Skin Abscesses

Dear Reader,

This week we talk about boils…and not the lobster boil cookout kind. ?? ?

We talk about something that is not so tasty… ?

And that is skin abscesses and boils.

These yucky little suckers can pop up in the strangest places on the body and can be uncomfortable and painful.

The root cause is simple – the lung and spleen are out of balance.

In this weeks video, I offer some home health hacks that you can do to reduce abscess discomfort and size, as well as Qigong practices to balance your lungs and spleen to help this from reoccurring again.

To pop or not to pop?! That is the question…

Back in the 80s when I was a kid, popping was really cool, but in the case of abscesses and boils, not so much.

In my opinion, you should definitely see your healthcare provider as soon as possible for proper dressing and sterility. When you drain an abscess, there is bodily fluids, germs and fine motor skills involved.

However, the tips in this weeks video will help to reduce the size and pain so if you or anyone you know suffers from this condition, please watch and share!

We hope that this valuable information is helpful to you and those you care about.

We are here for you and wish you well.

Qi you later!

1 thought on “Qigong Do’s and Don’ts to Help with Skin Abscesses”

  1. Linda Jean Marshall

    Which is more Tonifying Spleen Cleansing or Soft Fists. Have been doing Spleen Cleansing for
    around 2 months now, but feel need something more. Was unable to hear clearly video

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