Qigong For Arthritis

Hey there!

Today, let’s turn up the heat because this week we’re talking about arthritis. ????

In Western medicine, arthritis is grouped into one category.

In Chinese medicine, it is broken down according to symptoms and climatic conditions inside the body (which are affected by climatic conditions in the environment).

There are three types of arthritis: cold, damp, and wind-induced. ❄️ ???? ????

Most people think arthritis generally only affects our aging population. That type of arthritis is affected by cold and rooted in the Kidney Qi declining over time.

Whereas, when we look at conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), which can affect younger people too, it’s rooted in Spleen dampness.

Most of the time sickness and disease comes back to different organ imbalances, and negative or blocked emotions. ????

The reason I love Qigong so much is because it’s a method that strengthens and balances the internal organ systems, while clearing and releasing blockages and emotions.

And that’s why it is said that ‘Qigong is the art the prevents disease and prolongs life.’ ????

Watch this week’s video to learn more about the different types of arthritis and share this with anyone you know who is suffering from this painful condition.

Stay warm. Be cool. ????

Qi ya,

-Chris & Parisa

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