Qigong for Better Health – Liver Healing Sound

Here is the Liver Healing Sound.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Liver is often compared to trees, as both tend to spread out freely. As Chris further explains in his book, “Qigong for Self-Refinement,” the Liver’s function is to spread Qi throughout the body. It accomplishes this by regulating mind and mood, promoting digestion and absorption, and keeping Qi and blood moving normally. In addition to the food we eat and other lifestyle factors, the negative emotions of anger, rage, frustration, and resentment particularly stress the Liver and result in Liver Qi imbalance. This can then result in a variety of physical and emotional dis-ease.

The Healing Sound for the Liver is “SHUUU.” As with the other Healing Sounds, this sound can be incorporated into your Liver Cleansing Exercise or done alone. You may produce the sound audibly or quietly, under your breath.

Mindfully incorporating the Liver Cleansing Exercise and the Liver Healing Sound will clear and harmonize the energy of the Liver, allowing the positive emotions associated with the Liver, kindness, compassion, and well-being, to come forth.

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