Qigong for Better Health – Kidney Healing Sound

Here is the Kidney Healing Sound. You may remember from the Kidney Cleansing Exercise, that the Kidneys rule overall constitution, health, and longevity. The health of the Kidneys is considered the foundation for balance of all the internal organs. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kidney Essence is like the battery power that runs your life. You can never have too much, but you can use it up.

Ways in which your Kidney Essence can become exhausted fall into six categories: hereditary, emotional (particularly fear, shock), sexual, chronic illness, aging, and overwork.

Some of the physical symptoms of depleted Kidney Essence are arthritis, poor memory, hearing loss or ringing in the ears, too little or too much urination. Some of the emotional symptoms might be lack of motivation, apathy, being fearful or apprehensive. The positive emotions are willpower and gentleness.

As you can see, Kidney Cleansing Exercise and Kidney Healing Sound are very important. You may want to consider these a part of your general health routine.

The Kidney Sound is “FUUU” (pronounced FOOO) while exhaling. This sound very much simulates the sound you might actually make when shedding a weight of some sort (phew!).

Qigong is a simple practice with profound results.  Do this practice to feel refreshed and energized.

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