Qigong for Better Health – Lung Healing Sound

Here is the Lung Healing Sound. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) considers the Lungs the most superficial organ of the body because they are particularly involved with regulating interaction between the body and the air of the environment, thus maintaining Wei Qi, or Defensive Qi. Strong Lung Qi enables you to better ward off colds and equals greater vitality.

The negative emotions associated with Lung Qi imbalance are grief, sorrow, sadness, and disappointment. Often lifestyle choices, such as a job hunched over a computer, may cause imbalance in Lung Qi, resulting in a chronic dry cough.

There are two Lung Healing Sounds. The first is SSS. The second is a higher sound TZZZ. You may wish to try both and see which resonates for you. Remember, like with the ther Healing Sounds, the Lung Healing Sound, may be incorporated into the Lung Cleansing Exercise, or done alone. It may be done audibly or inaudibly with equal effectiveness. As the Lung Qi is restored to balance, vitality and the positive virtue of courage and strength shine.

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