Qigong for Courage

Qigong for Courage:

“Action cures fear, inaction creates terror.” -Douglas Horton

Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Courage is not the absence of fear. It is strength in the face of fear. 

To have courage is to rise and face a challenge from the heart.

Not to wait or hesitate. To take action.

Courage shines through when the Lungs are at their strongest. The Lungs connect to our Metal Element and Wei Qi, which when nourished, acts like a shield around our body to protect us physically and energetically.

Fear shocks our system, paralyzes us, and causes us to become weak and easily manipulated. <Yikes!>

So, what can we do to develop more courage and release more fear?

Take Action!

(whatever that means and looks like for you…)

In this week’s video, we will take you through a series of Qigong practices to clear out negative emotions from our Lungs, allowing courage to fill in the open space.

Also FYI, the Lungs work in concert with the Kidneys, which hold accumulated fear. We will guide you through exercises to release the stored emotions of fear and shock from the Kidneys, allowing clearing and healing to take place.

Join us as we guide you through exercises that can be used regularly to stimulate the organs of the Lungs and Kidneys, and one that will help you to stand tall and cultivate courage. <Hooray!>

Together, these Qigong exercises will allow you to release and transform what has accumulated in the Lungs and Kidneys, allowing you to access greater willpower, courage and strength—so that you can overcome the challenges and obstacles in life with the courage and action.

From our hearts to yours.

With Love ❤️

-Chris and Parisa


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