Qigong for Nausea

Dear Reader,

You are no longer without resources when it comes to the nagging discomfort of nausea!

It seems like one of those impossible conditions for which there is no cure or relief.

Thankfully, Chris is here to share with us the gifts of Qigong and Chinese medicine, so there is an end in sight for this disagreeable ailment.

In this video, Chris explains that with a deeper understanding of what lies beneath this kind of dysfunction, we can actually change the internal process that creates the symptoms of nausea!

Chris outlines soothing treatment options while taking us through the internal pathways responsible for creating nausea. He instructs us on the roles that the stomach and liver both play in this imbalance, which is often paired with a sympathetic nervous system (stress) response, and routines around food that can disrupt proper digestion.

We will learn healing Qigong movements that bring balance to the parts of the body in flux when nausea is present. These exercises not only align the internal organs of the body, but will release worry and anxiety, those pesky contributors to an upset stomach.

But it doesn’t stop there! In this video, you will learn about healthy eating habits and what foods to avoid in addition to those that help bring balance to the system.

You will also benefit from the mindful eating practices Chris lays out, as well as the Chinese medicine remedies he recommends and instructions for using a simple acupuncture point that has incredible power and can be used on the go, wherever and whenever nausea disrupts your day!

Cheers to a healthy and balanced digestive system!

You are the change you wish to see.

We love you and will Qi you later.
-Chris and Parisa

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