Qigong for IBS, Digestion, Bloating and Stomach Cramps

Dear Reader,

Well, it’s Friday again and that means it’s time for your weekly health tip from Yours Truly! ????

This week, we’re talking about something that affects pretty much every human at one point or another in their life. And that is ????????????

Digestive issues!! Woohoo! ???????? ????


One of the reasons I started Qigong over 30 years ago, is because I used to suffer from severe digestive problems, constant cramping, bloating, and occasional vomiting…

However, after several months of practicing Qigong daily, these issues mysteriously vanished… ????????????

In this week’s video, I share some simple Qigong practices as well as dietary recommendations you can do in the comfort of your own home.

In the meantime, here are some simple eating tips to note: ????

  • When you eat, focus on eating
  • Make a point to sit while you eat!
  • Avoid heated discussions during meals
  • Avoid watching TV – especially with intense subjects or even the news
  • Avoid excess cold and raw foods when experiencing any digestive problems

Lastly, check in with your emotional landscape. ???? ✌️

Anxiety, worry, frustration, resentment and anger directly affects our digestion.
Digestive issues are a sign to make sure you are taking care of your mental health.

These are a few of the simple things you can do right away at home to heal your digestion. There are more tips in this week’s video, so make sure you tune in.

Please share if you or anyone you know is suffering from bloating, stomach cramps or IBS (irritable bowl syndrome).

We hope it all comes out okay (get it?!) ????

And until next time, we will Qi you later ☯️


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