Qigong for Manifesting The Life You Want

Dear Reader,

Happy Friday, Friend! ????

Today I wanted to talk about something extremely useful in my life that has allowed me to succeed in many different ways:

And that is manifesting! ????????????

☑️My morning routine sets the tone for the day in a positive manner.

☑️I look in the mirror, specifically into the left eye (watch the video to learn why!) and say, “I choose to co-create with God, The Dao, The Universe [whatever floats your boat] to _______” fill in the blank with desires/goals/wants.

☑️And I always make sure to say, “I love myself. I believe in myself. I am beautiful, confident and strong.”

Now what does this have to do with Qigong? ????

✅Qigong is a subtle process that changes your vibration and in turn changes the trajectory of your life path.

✅Qigong helps you refine your energy vibration, which correlates to quantum physics (wave and particle theory), which says that everything is a vibration in course or finer states of being.

✅ Qigong allows you to come into more full alignment, which enables you to attract your hearts desires, as well as bring more peace and awareness to your body and mind.

This is what manifesting is all about!

Having intention, focus and faith that you will receive the things you want in life, while also letting go and trusting the Universe is the key.

It is important to note that when visualizing, do not focus on what you don’t want because the Universe will create what you focus on, even if it’s the opposite of your desires. Think of it as a mirror of your mind.

Focus on what it is you DO want. Visualize it. Write it down.
Put it somewhere you will see often.

When you focus on your desires, but release control over the outcome and stop wondering HOW you will get what you want, a magical thing occurs…

The Universe makes it happen.

Watch this week’s video to learn more tips to make your dreams become reality, as well as some important Qigong moves that will allow your Qi to flow freely and abundantly. ☀️

May your heart’s desires come to fruition. ♥️

Qi ya ????

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