Qigong For Tremors

Dear Reader,

Tremors are something we’re seeing more and more of these days, especially with young adults. Tremors can be the precursor to other more severe illnesses if not addressed.

This week I talk about some of the causes of tremors and what you can do if you or someone you knows suffers from this condition.

Besides a poor diet, tremors are caused by too much stress and burning the candle at both ends. Tremors can be a big sign of burnout.

The good news is that by making a few lifestyle changes, dietary shifts and incorporating simple Qigong practices into your weekly routine, you can reduce tremors and access greater heath and happiness.

Watch this week’s video to learn more.

We’re putting out all this free information in an effort to empower you to be the best person you can be. Please share and may you be at peace.


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