Yummy Pulled Pork Recipe


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This week we went into our recording archives and edited another episode of Cooking with Chris, where I demo a super simple and delicious pulled pork sirloin roast. This is a perfect winter dish for parents who are on the go or for those just looking for delicious and savory eats!

If you’re new to our list, you may be thinking it’s kind of random for a Qigong guy to put out a video about slow-braised-pork sirloin roast, but my background as a butcher has trained me to know and understand anatomy from a deep and tactical level.

According to Chinese nutrition, braised pork helps to nurture yin and blood flow throughout the body.

Simple signs of yin weakness are night sweats, excessive dryness and thirst, and low energy – especially around 3-5pm. This recipe can be helpful if you, or someone you know, suffers from these symptoms.

Another thing I find fascinating about nutrition viewed from a Chinese philosophy, is that not only do we look at the energetic properties of the food itself, we also look at the energetic properties of the cooking method and how it affects the internal organs (not only the stomach).

Going back to the example of yin weakness, preferred cooking methods would be “moist” techniques such as steaming, broiling, brazing, and sautéing and avoiding dry methods such as baking, broiling, or BBQ’ing.

Always remember that eating healthy does not mean that cooking has to be boring. Have fun with your food. Try new things. Expand your palate by experimenting with sauces and herbs and you’ll be surprised what creations you come up with.

As always, thanks for tuning in. Be well and we’ll Qi ya later.

4 thoughts on “Yummy Pulled Pork Recipe”

  1. I tried this yesterday and it worked fantastically! I had to substitute sauces, b/c I live in po-dunk Wyoming and can’t get many exotic items, but it still worked out to be very tender and yummy.

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