Review of our Detox Diet Protocol

Dear Reader,

We’re coming off of a detox protocol and enjoying the after affects of increased energy and zest for life. ?? ?

Last week we tried an experiment and implemented a home detox regime from the Wellness Living Store.

We recorded our progress throughout the week and made it into a video. We also added specific beneficial movement clips from the Qi Club to compliment the home detox process.

Some of the lessons learned from going through this process:

  • Detoxing isn’t only about the food we eat, but also about metabolizing and processing the words we speak and the thoughts we think. ?
  • We also noticed that physical detoxing can create emotional detoxing (i.e. bad mood ?) but when we clear that stuff and get to the other side, we’re in a lighter, more calm and relaxed state of being. ?
  • Incorporating daily dry brushing pre-shower has also been a game changer. Our skin feels softer and better over all due to the increased lymphatic circulation.

If you’re considering trying this home detox, it comes with a full cleansing diet sheet, a dry brush, detox tea and bath bombs.

That’s right, bath bombs. Regular soaks have been proven to release toxins, elevate your mood, and decrease muscle pain.

We will admit that changing our diet was the most challenging part of the week. Food habits are so ingrained in our daily lives and social structure that switching it up, even for a week, can be challenging.

But none of that matters!

What matters is that we try out best. And when there is an opportunity to improve our state of wellbeing, then we must seize the day, i.e. carpe diem.

In case you’re curious, here is an example of our day 1 diet:

-Upon waking – probiotic + lemon 12 oz warm water (dry brush before shower)
-Breakfast – Oatmeal cooked with organic soy milk and fresh berries + detox tea
-Midmorn snack – Fresh fruit juice + apple
-Lunch – Sweet potato and artichoke
-Dinner – One cup brown rice/quinoa mix + 3-4 oz chicken breast and kale
-Post dinner – Wintergreen lifesaver

In conclusion, although detoxing is not super fun during, the after affects are terrific! Increased energy, weight loss, and an improved sense of wellbeing to name a few.

In the words of Lao Zu “the long journey begins with the first step.”
Savor the journey, don’t only focus on the destination. ☯️

Take the next step that feels good for you!

We love you and are here for you!

Take good care and we will Qi YOU LATER!

-Chris and Parisa

4 thoughts on “Review of our Detox Diet Protocol”

  1. Beverly Turner

    When are you folks going live? There is an empty lot at the episcopal church of almaden on camden road. Also there is a large lot at the lutheran church on Camden

    1. Hi Beverly,
      We’re live for private sessions we’re in person… still not sure when we’re switching to in person classes. You can join us live time in The Qi Club, every Monday through Thursday 8:00-8:30am pacific time.

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