Tips for Gout

Hello Friend,

I can’t get the song Shout by Tears For Fears out of my head this week.
Perhaps because this week’s topic is GOUT.

Gout is triggered by rich foods like red meat, alcohol, and greasy, fatty and fried foods.

It’s a form of arthritis that is characterized by red, swollen inflammation in the joints.
It can attack any joint, but usually it attacks the big toe.

Considered to be a Liver and Spleen dysfunction, gout can be triggered by emotions of worry, fear, anger and resentment, which is an interesting tie into the the song Shout.

This song was inspired by primal therapy treatment, which works by getting people to confront their worries, fears, anger and resentments by shouting and screaming.

Covered in this week’s video, is the Qigong healing sound for the Liver, which is shuu – which reminds me of SHOUT!

The cool thing about Qigong is that is works to clear negative emotions.
Worry, fear, anger, resentment, and sadness fade away using simple movements, breath practices and mind-focus techniques.

It’s super cool and super powerful!

Once you grasp the concept that everything is an expression of energy in grosser or finer vibratory states, it becomes clear how these emotions, when suppressed, show up as disease in the body.

Gout is no different… so click here to watch the video.

This information is meant to empower you to be the best person you can be. If you or anyone you know suffers from gout, please watch and share this video.

Happy Canada Day to our friends up North, and Happy Independence Day to our fellow country peeps.



PS – If you want to listen to Shout, the song I’m talkin’ about click here.

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