Traditional Chinese Medicine – The Spleen Meridian

Figure 15- Spleen Meridian

The Spleen meridian originates at the outside corner of the big toe. It then runs along the inside of the foot, turning in front of the inner anklebone. From there, it ascends straight up the lower leg behind the shinbone, up the inner aspect of the knee and thigh into the abdominal cavity. It runs internally to the spleen, and connects with the stomach. The main branch continues on the surface of the abdomen, running upward to the chest, where it again penetrates internally to follow the throat up to the root of the tongue, under which it spreads its Qi and blood. An internal branch leaves the stomach, passes upward through the diaphragm, and enters the heart, where it connects with the Heart meridian.

Useful Acupoints on the Spleen Meridian


 Figure 16- SP 6

SP6: This point is located on the inside of the ankle, three fingers’ width above the ankle bone. Massage this for digestive problems, particularly excess phlegm or mucus in the chest and also for arthritic pain, which represents an accumulation of phlegm in the joints. Three Yin organ meridians converge at this point so it is particularly valuable for restoring balance in all Yin functions. This point can also be used to build or tonify blood.


SP21: This point is located under the armpit, more or less directly in the center. Massage this particularly for relieving the emotional aspects of Spleen imbalance, such as worry or brooding. This point connects directly with the Spleen, so is particularly potent.

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